Our Services

LSUR performs dive operations in all types of water, ranging from rivers, ponds, lakes, creeks, and quarries. The subject matter of an operation could be:

  • Flood evacuation

  • Weapons / Evidence Recovery

  • Small Aircraft Recovery

  • Human and Animal Rescue / Recovery

  • Vehicle Recovery (Boats, Cars, Etc.,)

  • Swift water​ / River Rescue

  • Ice Rescue / Ice Diving Recovery

  • Land / Water based missing persons searches

  • Sonar searches

Operations are performed for law enforcement and fire agencies in the five – state regions, in all kinds of weather conditions.  LSUR works closely with the requesting agency to coordinate any operation.  By policy, the team will not search for a missing person or evidence unless contacted by the local law enforcement agency handling the case.

Throughout the history of LSUR, the team has performed hundreds of operations throughout the Midwest region. In 1990 alone, the team rescued over 200 people trapped or threatened by flood waters within the Little Blue River basin area in Kansas City. The team has been commended by the Mayor of Kansas City for outstanding achievement in the field of underwater recovery.

As a result of our many successful searches, LSUR members are called to provide witness testimony relating to the dive operation.

For the general public, we recover personal property (such as lost keys, wallets, etc.), and perform water safety programs for schools, church groups, and civic groups.

MS-1000 Kongsberg

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