The Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team was founded in 1966 to help law enforcement agencies recover drowning victims from area lakes and rivers. 

Today our all-volunteer team is still growing stronger with professional training, and high tech equipment. 

Interested in helping? Contact us to become a diver or non-diving volunteer, or to contribute as a community supporter.‚Äč

In case you missed it:
  • Funding Update
    As an update to the story posted on social media, and with FOX4KC on January 24th: LSUR has been engaged with Jackson County, MO Legislator Theresa Galvin all week. She has been an outstanding advocate…

Public Safety Diving

Public Safety Diving is the underwater work conducted by law enforcement, fire rescue, and search & rescue/recovery dive teams. Public safety divers differ from recreational, scientific and commercial divers who can generally plan the date, time, and location of a dive, and dive only if the conditions are conducive to the task.
Public safety divers respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and may be required to dive in the middle of the night, during inclement weather, in zero visibility “black water,” or in waters polluted by chemicals and biohazards.

Water Safety Education

We offer to host/attend and lead swimming and scuba presentations for groups, using fun and informative books and songs to talk about water safety. We have presented to Church Groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, Elementary / Middle School, and are open for any group in the target age group of 3-17 years of age. Our water safety and swimming presentations feature a written and coloring materials as well as a oral presentation which covers basic water safety skills.

Our scuba diving presentation topics are tailored to students and focus on topics like marine biology, oceanography, places to dive, the physics behind scuba diving, scuba careers, certification requirements and how diving equipment functions. Our goal is speak to the kids regarding water safety in hopes of preventing water related incidents which require our response.

Our Education mission(s) are in hope to educate folks in order to prevent any water tragedies before they occur.

Aquatic Death Investigations

Specialized skills including forensic, dive operation, evidence search and recovery, as well as interviewing techniques, and postmortem physiology forensics that assist agencies and law enforcement investigators. Assist investigators to approaching drowning fatalities and child near drownings with the same degree of suspicion as any other homicide or possible child abuse incident.