Volunteer Administrative Assistant

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The Administrative Assistant shall be responsible for assisting members in paperwork and administrative processes required to operate the non-profit mission(s). It is important for the organization to maintain records in proper order and ready for inspection by the IRS, Auditors, or other funding agencies at any time. Administrative Assistant also has an active role in suggesting process improvements to help transform Policies, Procedures and Processes into electronic documents and processes.  Administrative Assistant shall also be the assigned document manager for our Standard Operating Guideline Documents, which governs our Corporate and Operational functions.  Administrative Assistant is to assist in these documentation procedures as directed by the President, Vice President, Treasurer or Corporate Secretary.


  • The Administrative Assistant:
    • Shall record all business transactions at any scheduled meetings;
    • Shall assist in keeping current and accurate records of all membership files and attendance records, all necessary duties concerning not‑for‑profit status, IRS information
    • Shall attend, in the role of script, on any Corporate Board of Directors meetings;
    • Shall either conduct or oversee correspondence in and out, including thank you letters to donors;
    • Shall prepare the minutes and agenda items for meetings;
    • Shall update and distribute the team roster;
    • Shall coordinate the marketing campaign documents;
    • Shall assist the Board in filing LSUR’s annual registration report to the Missouri Secretary of State;
    • Shall assist the Board to track and maintain compliance to maintain Missouri Tax exemption and registration;
    • Shall assist the Board to track and maintain compliance to maintain Federal Tax exemption and registration;
    • Shall keep updated membership records, operation participation, applications, training records;
    • Shall maintain LSUR’s asset inventory, including documenting asset assignment to volunteer members and staff;
    • Shall maintain LSUR’s expiration tracker in IamResponding app, to track renewals, expirations and required corporate tasks, including documenting their assignment for, and disposition of their completion.
    • Shall coordinate the state and county inspection and licensing of vehicles, boats, motors and trailers;
    • Shall assist with any audits;
    • Shall assist with any insurability audits.
    • Shall assist in executing Document Destruction Policy.
    • Shall have an assistant administrative role with IT Technologies, including but not limited to Office 365, IamResponding, Salesforce, WordPress, Quickbooks.

To apply for this job email your details to director@lsunderwater.org